Telephone(01382) 226673 between 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday


All consultations are by appointment only.


Our admin staff are trained to help you as efficiently as possible; their task is often complicated by doctors and nurses having variable timetables. Please be patient and help them to help you by giving them sufficient information to process your request and allocate the appropriate resources to meet your needs. 


Our practice manages patient appointment requests using a ‘signposting system’ to ensure patients are dealt with by the most appropriate health care professional which may not always be their doctor. As a result the doctors have requested our receptionists to ascertain certain patient details with regards to their appointment request. Patient co-operation with this system is paramount and very much appreciated to ensuring that all patients receive the appropriate medical attention and advice. 

In response to patient demands we provide doctors appointments which can be booked by patients up to 30 days in advance. We also provide same day appointments for patients with the doctors.


In order to accommodate the demands made for same day appointments, patients are therefore requested to contact the surgery on the appointments telephone number (01382) 226673 as early as possible on the day they wish an appointment.

All our nurse appointments are pre-bookable up to two months in advance.

We will endeavour whenever possible to allocate a doctors appointment with the doctor of your choice, however this may not always be possible due to patient demands, holidays, etc.

If you are troubled by something and are not sure whether to bother the doctor, see the Nurse Practitioner or one of our Practice Nurses, they may be able to help. Telephone the practice for an appointment on (01382) 226673.

Urgent Appointments

Your request for an urgent appointment may be dealt with by our specially trained Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurses who may ask you about your problem to ensure you are seen by a doctor if your need is urgent. 

You will be seen the same day although this may not be with your regular doctor. These appointments may have been added to a surgery that is already overbooked and therefore you must expect some delay. The Nurse Practitioner or our Doctors will endeavour to see patients who are ill as soon as possible. Please ensure that you only ask for an urgent appointment when you have a medical problem that cannot wait for a regular appointment.

In order to accommodate the demands made for appointments patients are therefore requested to contact the surgery on the appointments telephone number (01382) 226673 as early as possible on the day they wish an appointment.

Clinical emergencies will always be fitted in as required, though you may be asked to see a Nurse in the first instance.

Telephone Consultations

Our Doctors provide patient telephone consultation appointments for matters that do not require patients to visit the practice for a routine appointment. Please ask our receptionists for details when you contact the surgery.

Extended Appointments

Should you have a list of health problems you wish to discuss with the doctor please ensure you request sufficient time when booking your doctors appointment with our receptionists.

Please note that a routine consultation time with the doctor is ten minutes however depending on the nature of your problems you may be requested by the doctor to make another appointment for a future date to address other issues concerning your on-going health requirements.

Allocating the appropriate time to patients allows the practice to work more efficiently with patients being dealt with on time and not delayed in the waiting room.


Please inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend an appointment as this time can be allocated to another patient.  Your assistance in this regard can make a difference to other patients trying to obtain an appointment.

Telephone Enquiries

The receptionists have been instructed not to interrupt the doctors and nurses during consulting hours unless for urgent medical matters.  If you have a question to put to the doctor or nurse, the receptionist will take some details from you and you may be requested to call back later in the day or alternatively possibly asked to attend the surgery.

Newly Pregnant?

We have a page with all the information you need.

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